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  • PETRINI F. Trio in Eb for Violin, Cello & Harp pdf


    This Harp Trio in Eb has been edited and printed by harpist Sophie Clavel based on the IMSLP manuscript. This Trio has never been published. Originally a Harp Duet, Petrini has arranged the second harp part to be performed by a violin and a cello.

    Sophie Clavel has created the conductor score, and edited the violin and the cello parts. The Harp part is identical to the one from Petrini Harp Duet in Eb with additonal fingerings and pedal markings.

    The Trio is in two movements : Allegro and Rondo

    Only in PDF

    Paper format coming soon.

  • MARAIS M. La Folia for Cello & Harp pdf


    The musical theme in a ¾ rhythm figure, is the subject for the following 11 variations.

    This version is written for cello and harpischord, arranged for the harp by harpist Sophie Clavel, with fingerings and pedal markings.

  • RACHMANINOV S. Vocalise for Cello & Harp pdf


    Vocalise is a melody by Sergei Rachmaninov, composed and published in 1915 as the last of his 14 Romances, op . 34 started in 1912. 

    Written for high voice (soprano or tenor) with  piano accompaniment, it is sung using only one vowel of the singer's choosing, ergo the name « Vocalise ».

    Though the original composition is in C sharp minor, it is sometimes transposed into a variety of keys, CME is publishing Vocalise for Cello & Harp in E minor.

    Vocalise has been arranged for Trio as well: violin, cello & harp in the key of C minor, arranged by Sophie Clavel, downloadable on our website.

    Cello part is on one page.

    The harp part has 5 pages, the repeats have been re-written to avoid page turns.