1)   Begin by assembling the music stand base: find the 2 feet and the bottom center piece.  Slide the 2 feet onto the bottom center piece.  

2)   Screw bottom center piece to the main shaft, in the case of the tulip base,

      the main shaft will maintain the feet to the trunk. 

3)   Remove the protection plastic film from the metallic rod then insert it between the        brackets at the back side of the desk, align the holes and install the threaded screw.       Tighten the wooden nuts. 

4)   Insert the wooden bolt through the metallic rod and the metal ring. 

5)   Insert the metallic rod into the shaft assembly, figure 5. The metal ring is used to            adjust the stand height, adjust to the height you want and tighten with the wooden        bolt. 

Adjust the desk to the desired angle by loosening the wooden screws at the back of the desk; tighten so the stand does not move.




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