Yvon Le Quellec

Harpist/singer, Yvon Le Quellec’s roots go back to North-Eastern France, the Côtes d’Armor.

He is the perfect definition of the troubadour : concert harpist on the celtic harp, Yvon Le Quellec sings, and plays the Irish flute during his performances.

Composer as well, he has written many pieces for solo harp, or harp duets, harp and violin, flute or cello, even harp and piano. He has recorded 8 CDs, as a soloist, in duet or quartet, and recorded children’s tales/stories, one of his story book has been published with Persée Editions.

Since november 2016, Yvon Le Quellec is the artistic director of « Les Automnales de la Harpe» Festival in Essonne and Yvelines.

Discover more about Yvon Le Quellec

Read about Yvon Le Quellec, this “atypical harpist”, on the Web.

Also visit his website: https://lequellecharpe.wix.com/yvon-lequellec

Listen and watch on Youtube:  “Yvon Le Quellec”: more than 40 pieces and songs

Yvon Le Quellec CDs can be purchased with Amazon, la Fnac, RDM  video (the publisher):

http://www.amazon.fr/Harpe-chants-traditionnels-celtiques-Quellec/dp/B005BDO4Z8 http://www.amazon.fr/Harpe-celtique-chants-buissonniers-Quellec/dp/B0055D9TA4

Yvon Le Quellec music books :

Harperies, Loin  des chemins  creux  des terres  celtes, Suite  « En Manche »,  Suite « Ensoleillée», Breizhirish  suite, An  telennour mad  (ed Harposphère), (a piece  chosen  for a big  harp  competition,  aimed at excellent  players, Suite  printanière, with  a piece chosen  for  the  same competition, « Evn an nevez  amzer » (la harpe au  printemps) for  an  average level.


Contact: lequellec.harpe@gmail.com