• BUTTERFLY Mahogany Tulip Base

    Shaft length

    Soloist Collection

    Stand in mahogany on tulip base

    Comes in solid grey walnut,cherrywood, solid natural ashwood and black

    Choice of three shafts length

    Choice of base

  • VINCI Mahogany on Tulip Base

    Shaft length

    Vinci is part of the orcehstra Collection.

    Comes in natural ashwood, cherrywood, grey walnut, white and black

    The desk is: 18"width (45cm) X 14"height (35cm)

    Choice of base: flat or tulip

    Choice of shaft: 14'' (35cm), 18'' (45cm) or 24'' (60cm).

  • ART DECO Black on Flat Base

    Shaft length

    This stand belongs to the Soloist Collection.

    Art Déoo' style would look elegant and refine for woodwinds instruments, accompanied at the piano.

    Exists in natural ashwood, mahogany, cherrywood, grey walnut and white.

  • GAUDI Mahogany on Tulip Base

    Shaft length

    Stand in mahogany.

    Chamber Collection.

    Comes in solid grey walnut, solid natural ashwood, cherrywood, white and black

    Adjustable and dismountable.