Assembling the music stand :

1) start with the base. In the case of a  flat base, nothing to do, in the case of the tulip base,  insert the each foot into each rail.

2) screw the support into the base. Better do that above a bed or a sofa in case you might drop the whole thing.

3) settle the stand desk on a soft surface first then insert th metalic tubebetween  both « ears » at the back of the desk. You might have to force a bit ; make sure you can see through the wholes before you pass the long screw, tighten the other side with the other  bolt.

5) pass the  wooden screw first inside the metal tube head up (towards the desk), then pass the metal ring. Insert the tube inside the support and adjust to the desirable height, tighten the cable gland ; your music stand is ready to use.

When you demounte your musicstand, take out the desk first, make sure to remove the screw and the metal ring from the metal tube and screw around the support, unscrew the support from its base, if you have a tulip base, undo it and pack the whole thing carefully.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

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