Discover Sophie Clavel's own arrangements for harp solo. They have been played, performed, revised at length.

Pedals are written with letters ( A/B/C etc...) and with fingerings.

If you wish the pedals with syllables (Do/ Ré/ Mi etc....) go to the CME website and choose  french language for the arrangements.

  • Pastorale Harp by G.F. HANDEL


    This Pastorale preceeds the Tema con Variazioni also by Handel.

    Both pieces are in g minor and the Pastorale serves as an introduction to the Tema con Variazioni.

    Seldom played and heard, the Pastorale was written to be played prior to  the Tema.

    The music has 3 pages.

    Recorded on CD "Intineraire"  by Sophie Clavel, this Pastorale can also be heard on youtube.

  • Romance N° 5 for Harp by A. de CABEZON


    This Romance by Antonio de Cabezon est rarely played.

    It belongs to the "Book of new numbers" for keyboard, harp or vihuela".

    It's title is written in old spanish:" Para quien cire Yo cabellos", which in modern spanish means;" I work for nothing"...

    The harp part has fingering and lettered pedals. Exists in syllables pedals: visit our website in french version.

    The Romance has been recorded by Sophie Clavel, on her recital CD "Itineraire", on sale on this website, "gift shop".

  • Beauty and the Beast for Harp by A. MENKEN


    Arranged for the harp. Very popular air for weddings.

    Pedals and fingerings are all written down.

    Should you prefer syllables to letters, choose "français" as the language and click on "Arrangements".

  • Ave Maria for Harp by F. SCHUBERT


    In this arrangement, harpist Sophie Clavel has kept the soothing mouvement written in triplets at the left hand while the right hand sings the famous melody. Regularly asked for weddings this arrangement is a must for the freelance harpist.

    The music has 3 pages, fingered and with pedal markings.